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Community Solar

The Town of Buena Vista, Sangre de Cristo Electric Association and a local advocacy group called Buena Vista Solar Share are cooperating to plan and build a Community Solar Garden. A Community Solar Garden is a collection of solar panels that provides energy to Sangre de Cristo Electric Association customers. Participation is voluntary. Participants subscribe to the community solar garden and receive credit on their electric bill for the power their subscription generates.

A developer builds the solar garden. Participants subscribe to the solar garden and receive a share of the power it generates

The power generated by the solar garden feeds back into our electric grid

Subscribers receive a credit on their electric bill from the power generated by their share of the solar garden

Who can participate?

If you receive your electricity from Sangre De Cristo Electic Association you are eligible to participate! With community solar there is no need to put solar panels on your roof. This program is available to both renters and homeowners

Advantages of Community Solar to participants:



  • It’s a way to get solar power without putting it on your roof.

  • Renters as well as homeowners are eligible to participate.

  • Because a solar garden contains many solar panels in one place and has many participants, costs are shared and subscribers can often participate in community solar for less money than installing your own solar panels.

  • Participants get solar power without having to worry about installation, maintenance, or buying insurance for the solar panels.

  • If you move to a different house within the territory that Sangre de Cristo Electric Association serves, your subscription goes with you. If you move out of the area you forfeit your participation, but if you sell your home, your subscription can be sold with your house.


We want to know what you think! At the link below, you will find a short survey that was conducted to inform the Town of Buena Vista, Sangre De Cristo Electric Association and the Buena Vista Solar Share advocacy group. The results are below. You can read the latest developments in the Progress Report below.





Update from Sangre De Cristo Electic Association

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